Monday, 20. March 2017


12:45 Prof. Dr. Lászlo Palkovics, state secretary

Hungary: Central European Hub for driverless car competencies


13:00 Kürt – Mr. Máté Tóthmajor

Introduction of SeCube IT GRC software
Business Security


13:15 Black Cell – Mr. Gábor Munk
Cyber Security Operations Center as a Service, Ethical hacking services
Business Security


13:30 Mortoff – Mr. András Szőnyi
Humans behind digital transformation
Big Data and Business Intelligence | ERP and HR solutions


13:45 BondWeaver – Ms. Eszter Léna Mátis
Organizational network research, Introduction of the BondWeaver system
ERP and HR Solutions


14:00 Onlinet – Mr. László Pénzes
How to stop customers from walking away
Business Electronics and Equipment | Marketing and Sales Solutions


14:15 National ICT Provider / ANY Security Printing Company PLC – Mr. Gábor Zsámboki
Hungarian e-ID Card services
Public Sector


16:30 Opening Party


16:30 Opening speech: Mr. Péter Szijjártó – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade


16:45 Mr. Zoltán Kovács – Spokesman for the Hungarian Government

How Hungary fosters digitalization


Tuesday, 21. March 2017


13:45 National Tax and Customs Authority – Online
Online cash register system
Public Sector


14:00 National University of Public Services – Dr. Balázs König
Digitalization, cybersecurity and open source software in the public sector
Public Sector


14:15 National Mobile Payment Co. – Ms. Eszter Ács
Integrated, transparent service implementation
Public Sector


14:30 New Ways of Recruiting

Indivízó + SimTeam + CX-Ray (team presentation) – Ms. Kata Illés, Mr. Péter Szlávik, Mr. Péter Hári

ERP and HR Solutions


Wednesday, 22. March 2017


12:00 Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency – Ms. Gyöngyi Varga

Why Hungary


12:15 Invested in Hungary –

presentations of companies who invested in Hungary
IBM | Ustream | Lufthansa Systems
SAP -  SAP Labs
Cloudera – Regional office


12:45 Automotive Proving Ground Zala Ltd. – Dr. András Háry

New Vehicle drive test facility suitable for automated cars
Internet of Things | Business Electronics and Equipment | Public Sector


13:00 Mechatromotive – Ms Krisztina Horicsányi

Smart solutions from MechatroMotive
Internet of Things | Business Electronics and Equipment


Thursday, 23. March 2017


10:45 Maform – Mr. Péter Molnár L.

How design can help your business
Research and Innovation


11:00 LRG – Dr. Gábor Élő, Dr. Tibor Új

Frozen LED technology
Research and Innovation


11:15 Talk-a-bot – Mr. Ákos Deliága

Marketing and Sales Solutions


11:30 Scolvo – Mr. Krisztián Tóth

IMAGINE – ready to use enterprise mobile app in 72 hours
ERP and HR Solutions