Joining forces for a Digital Hungary

Consolidated manifesto 

Last autumn, IVSZ – The ICT Association of Hungary launched a call to the digital profession, economic actors, policy makers and the Hungarian public at large to highlight that the development of modern technology for businesses and competitive skills for workers is a historic opportunity for Hungary.

Digitalisation will significantly change the lives of every Hungarian person, company and institution, and will fundamentally shake up our daily lives in the coming years.   

The time for calls is over, now it is time to act!  

In this manifesto, we have identified four pillars that can be built upon to achieve rapid and effective change:   

  • digital society, human resources  
  • sectoral digitalisation, technological upgrading of SMEs   
  • data economy, innovation, start-up ecosystem   
  • digital region, international cooperation   

For each of these critical areas, we have prepared a detailed set of proposals based on peer-reviewed papers. These include proposals on digitalisation of education, sectoral digitalisation programmes, development of the innovation and start-up ecosystem, or closer international cooperation and boosting the data economy. We would also like to thank all those who contributed with valuable suggestions to deepen and clarify the discussion topics.  

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