SMART 2023 – Changing reality

2023.04.26 09:00 - 17:00

Akvárium Klub Budapest

SMART 2023 – Changing reality 

It is one of the biggest challenges, yet all forces are demanding it at the moment: letting go of familiar patterns and, instead, looking for new ways and perspectives. Rethinking, reshaping what we know about the world, about technology, about business. Even putting things on a new footing, revisiting issues that we have given up on for various reasons. Going after solutions, answers that humanity, for some reason, let go of, even though the solution was close. 

Let’s solve the unsolvable together at SMART 2023! 

Why be part of SMART conference?

It is one of the country’s most important B2B business events, which is not only about presentations and panel discussions, but also about meeting people, business opportunities and getting to know the market.

Get in the mood for SMART:


Virtual vs. real 

The boundaries between where our virtual world begins and where our real world ends are becoming increasingly blurred. Technology, advanced tools and networks are all pushing people, companies and businesses in new directions, into uncharted territories with huge potential. In laying the foundations for the metaverse, the big tech powers are already engaged in a huge struggle to decide who will dominate the virtual worlds and spaces that are not yet ready and are almost only in test mode. And let there be no doubt, we will be part of this, whether we like it or not. SMART 2023 will explore the business opportunities and the sometimes scary aspects of this process. 

Sustain or sink me? 

One of the great contradictions: creating a sustainable world in a fundamentally unsustainable environment. The word ‘turbulent’ is just a scraping of the reality that surrounds us, and that is of most concern and anxiety to young people, those who are currently in school. Yet it is not they who are laying the foundations for a sustainable world, but the long-serving business leaders of the right age and in the right position who are trying to do so. Is there any chance of that? What do teenagers think about this, who is asking them what they want, what kind of world will they arrive in? Is there real value and willingness beyond ESG and environmental awareness? Are we surviving the unsurvivable?  

What are we afraid of? 

It follows from the above that our business, social and cultural environment has never been as unpredictable as it is today. Minds, business plans and presentations are full of predictions and scenarios that everyone looks at with trepidation. Artificial super-intelligence, human self-determination, economic processes that are invisible but tangible and difficult (if not impossible) to influence, are all driving us towards a future that is difficult to predict. The climate issue, the turbulent political and economic systems, the potential new (even virtual) virus that could come from anywhere at any time, have all upset scientists and experts, but have also forced them to find solutions. Under these enormous pressures, formidable creative forces have been unleashed, providing a sufficient theme for SMART 2023.  

The future of business/money 

Many areas of business are changing dimension, but of these, it is the banking and financial landscape that is seeing the most tangible, palpable development. The transformation of money, banks, and payment methods is a shake-up in the good sense of the word, one that everyone wants, desires, and one that promises the greatest opportunity for all. But it is not only money, but also the future of familiar, conventional business models that paints an exciting picture, as we are only just beginning to look at this area from a different perspective. Virtuality, digital, technology-based money and business are expected to have a huge impact on all other industries, which is why we will be looking at what and who is pulling the strings. 

Tech and man beyond the horizon 

SMART’s guiding principle has always been – and this year will be no different – that technology-driven progress is the process that drives business, and with it whole economies, forward. Ultimately, however, it is not individual technologies that deliver results, but the knowledge, expertise, innovative thinking, and drive of people to make it happen. Teams and companies who are willing and able to look much further than we dare, and who are looking for ideas that envision and build a future we have not yet imagined. 


This year, DATARENA, dealing with the data world and the data economy, will be an integral part of SMART, providing insights into the most important developments in the field. As in previous years, in 2023 we will showcase the professionals, companies and developments that are shaping and driving the domestic and international data ecosystem. Data-driven thinking and strategy, visualisation, storage, energy management, sustainability – in other words, we will cover all topics that could be relevant for SMEs, startups and even large enterprises.   


It is time to redefine all the issues and problems we have raised so far, to force ourselves to think from different perspectives. To do this, we are looking for leaders who live and work in a progressive way, with the same goals as SMART. To change reality, even if it is not reality! 



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