Data is the new oil

We live in the century of the 4th industrial revolution, where data is the new oil and only those organisations and countries will be able to remain competitive or even gain competitive advantage that embrace digitisation, and strive to use and handle data efficiently.

Beyond the IT sector, traditional companies as well as municipalities need to make steps towards digitisation, remake well established methods and introduce new processes. This will result in higher efficiency, increased competitiveness or in new business opportunities. At the same time, it brings along new legal, technological and socio-economic challenges, like cybersecurity or data protection that needs to be tackled at organisational or national level. To exploit the full potential that lays in data, its reuse for purposes other than it was primarily collected for needs to be facilitated and promoted, which is expected to boost the European data economy. A coordinated European approach is essential for the development of it, which is part of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market strategy.

About the conference

Data Economy Conference, organised by IVSZ within the EuDEco project, offered a unique opportunity to business leaders (IT and other sectors too), policy makers and other stakeholders to deepen their knowledge in data economy related topics that will likely emerge in their daily practice and will need to be tackled in the future.

Conference date: 31/01/2018

Venue: Larus Event Centre (Hungary, Budapest Csörsz u. 18/b 1124)