We believe that Hungarian genius is world famous. It is known and acknowledged by the huge number of companies and partners that have set up their ICT R&D or Shared Services Centres in Hungary or who have simply relied on Hungarian companies or other resources in their value-creation chains.

“Innovative”, “creative” and “reliable” are the most frequent words our partners use to describe us, their Hungarian partners.

In Hungary, the importance of the digital sector is very significant.

We need only highlight a few Hungarian companies to illustrate our global success: Prezi.com, Ustream, LogMeIn, IND Group, XAPT or NNG.

Near-shore development and shared service centres, globally-successful small and medium sized companies, innovative and high-speed scaling startups and digital solutions in the governmental sector – these are the four pillars of the competitive Hungarian ICT ecosystem.

Would you be interested in any of these fields? Would you like to learn more? Are you looking for an ICT supplier or developer? Would you like to find a partner for the Hungarian or CEE market? Do not hesitate to contact us!

IVSZ is both the largest and the highest-impact industry association in Hungary

The ICT sector is a driving force of the Hungarian economy. The industry is characterised by competitive expertise, significant growth potential and above-average added value, making Hungarian ICT products and services particularly sought-after in global markets.

For economic actors providing internationally-competitive, high-added-value products and services and working in the interests of Hungary, the Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH) is able to enhance their ability to export and, simultaneously, to create opportunities to help them achieve excellent exporting results.

The Hungarian National Trading House focuses on enhancing the export of Hungarian ICT solutions. Consequently, in recent years, with professional support from the Trading House, companies in this sector have registered numerous export achievements.

Within the framework of the country’s Digital Export Development Strategy (DES), which identifies the exporting of digital public solutions, and the development of SME and start-up exporting as key areas, Hungary puts great emphasis on the development of digital infrastructures. In its capacity of official contributing-organisation to DES and through its own start-up scheme called InnoTrade, the Hungarian National Trading House is actively involved in developing the ICT sector and the start-up ecosystem within Hungary.