Based on our unique Panoramic 3D survey technology FORTE® GeoMeter600, we can carry out data collection work about 10 times more efficiently (in some cases, 50 times), because you simply need to traverse the target area with the GeoMeter600 fixed/mounted on a backpack (or any vehicle - bicycle, boat, car etc.) and the panoramic 3D survey is ready. In this way, we collect all the data needed for an exact, geographically-correct, spatial 3D model.

Our company provides a wide range of GIS (Geographical Information System) solutions. These have common characteristics - both on Android and iOS platforms - allowing them to connect to our FORTE®MAP server, so that data upload and data query (from our server) are achieved via instant information flow.

We develop systems for the mobile platform which display off-line maps, capture tracks, and browse between thematic maps.

Our recent developments take advantage of the opportunities given by the social relations.

Our mobile solutions can communicate, via Bluetooth, with our high-precision positioning device (GNSS, RTK) and even with other third-party devices, which assists in the performance of onsite measurements. With handheld mobile devices connected to the FORTE®MAP server, large projects, even country-wide, can be developed and supervised.

We are looking for: Engineering offices and value added resellers (VAR) who can sell and support our FORTE® GeoMeter600 surveying instrument and our GIS software portfolio and software customization or development power. Individual larger projects are welcome also with cooperation with local companies.

We look forward to meeting you at CEBIT.

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