Executive Management

Gábor Major

Gábor Major, Secretary General

He is the leader of the IVSZ office, responsible for directing the activities of the association; specifically to maintain relationship and contact with state agencies and with the member companies. His ultimate purposes are to facilitate the development of the organization and to formulate the strategic decisions of the Presidency into actions.

Tamás Süveges

Tamás Süveges, Project and Financial Director

He is the finance director of the organization. Furthermore, his main responsibility is to coordinate all project and tenders relating to IVSZ.

Tímea Schlégl

Tímea Schlégl, Communications and Operations Director

She is mainly responsible for directing and managing all the operational and communicational activities of IVSZ, furthermore, she oversees all the relevant events of the association.

Károly Bozsonyi

Károly Bozsonyi, Education Director

He is responsible for all the educational affairs under the association's operation.

Ákos Mácz

Ákos Mácz, Public Affairs Director

He is responsible for the sectorial cooperation of the organization and social relations. His main duty is to create and operate a universal digital communication that realizes all the sectors and industries.


Veronika Varga

Veronika Varga, Event- and Project Manager

Her main responsibility is to organize and coordinate the organization's events, campaigns and projects.

Klára Süveges-Heilingbrunner

Klára Süveges-Heilingbrunner, Project Manager

As a project manager, she is responsible for mapping all relevant project opportunities offered by the European Union, further to implement the successful outcomes of these projects.

Sándor Fehér

Sándor Fehér, Project Manager

His duty is to support the project activities of all the SMEs and as a consultant coordinates the project on the development of the competitive ICT sector in the frame of the Economic Development and Innovation Operation Programme.

Péter Kertész

Péter Kertész, PR Manager

He manages all the press relations and PR activities of IVSZ while he also oversees the appearance of all the relevant topics for the organization.

Ágnes Törkenczi-Juhász

Ágnes Juhász, Project assistant

Within the IVSZ’s project team, she handles all the operative and administrative issues concerning the relevant projects of the organization.

Kinga Navrádi

Kinga Navrádi, Secretariat Assistant

She handles all the administrative duties relating to the organization, member network and working departments.

Blanka Toma

Blanka Toma, Office Manager

Her main responsibility is to support the efficient and effective everyday operations of the organization. She is also involved in organizing meetings and coordinating the incoming requests.

Zoltán Nagy

Zoltán Nagy, Digital Marketing Lead

He is responsible for the proper quality appearance of IVSZ in all the online platforms. He also targets to communicate the most important messages, visions and missions of the association via online platforms to reach the highest number of available people.

Marianna Bakó

Marianna Bakó, Program Manager

She is responsible for managing the motivating pillar campaigns of the Association including the Digital Thematic Week initiative as well as the project on encouraging and supporting the cooperation of ICT companies and educational institutions, which is funded by the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program.

László Fábián

László Fábián, Communications Manager

He is in charge of managing all the communications activities connected to the GINOP 1.1.3-16 project.

Zsuzsa Lovas

Zsuzsa Lovas, Program Manager

Her task is to represent IVSZ as a consortium member in the II. pillar working group of the GINOP-3.1.1-VEKOP-15-2016-00001 project.

Zsófia Tátrai

Zsófia Tátrai, Work Group Coordinator

She is responsible for supporting the working group sessions and the organization's events.

Máté Tóth

Máté Tóth, Communications Assistant

His responsibility is to help in the execution of the organization's projects and communications tasks.

Eszter Komáromi

Eszter Komáromi, Program Manager

She is responsible for organizing and coordinating the programs of the Ginop 3.1.1. motivation pillar.

Dóra Kovács

Dóra Kovács, Program Manager

She is responsible for organizing and coordinating the programs of the Ginop 3.1.1. motivation pillar.

Nóra Kudari

Nóra Kudari, Program Manager

Her task is to represent our organization as a consortium member in the II. pillar of the GINOP-3.1.1-VEKOP-15-2016-00001 project.

Kincső Kovács

Kincső Kovács, Program Manager

Her main responsibility is organizing and coordinating projects and programs in the organization.

Tordai Balázs

Tordai Balázs, Industry 4.0 Expert

He handles all responsibilities and tasks regarding industrial digitization.

Nyüsti Szilvia

Nyüsti Szilvia, Program Manager

She supports the I. pillar of the GINOP-3.1.1-VEKOP-15-2016-00001 project.

Molnár Adrienn

Molnár Adrienn, Online- and Data Marketing Associate

She supports the work of the Online Communication Team with online marketing, CRM and database marketing.

Kőteleki Éva

Kőteleki Éva, Professional Coordinator

Her main responsibility is to support the execution of the GINOP-3.3.3-17-2017-00066 project which helps improve the digital skills of adults older than 45 years.

Vecsernyés Anna

Vecsernyés Anna, Communications Intern

Her responsibility is to help in the execution of the organization's projects and communications tasks.

Millenáris Startup Campus

Szabó Erika

Szabó Erika, Operative Lead

Her main task is to coordinate the team of the Millenáris Startup Campus from an operative level, while also making sure that the visitors of the campus receive the best possible service both on- and offline.

Biás Csongor

Biás Csongor, Project Lead

Csongor is mainly responsible for the strategy of the campus, for managing the content of events and programs at the campus as well as for establishing and maintaining national and international partner relations.

Gottfried Judit

Gottfried Judit, Program- and Project Manager

Judit deals with the planning and organization of external, partner and internal events and community programs inside the campus.

Magyari Veronika

Magyari Veronika, Operative Project Manager

Her task is to provide information to visitors, to handle queries on online platforms and to take care of everyday tasks required for proper operation.

Lehoczky Csenge

Lehoczky Csenge, Community Manager

Her job is to make sure that the MSC improves as a community and that all online and offline platforms required for that are available to the visitors and the partners. Keeping in touch with members and partners is also part of her responsibilities.