Board Members

Tamás Laufer

Tamás Laufer, President

He has been the President of the Association since 2010, formerly Vice-President for several years. He primarily emphasizes the development of the Hungarian SME sector and the education of information technology, further, supports the economic and social impact of digital transformation.

Péter Vityi

Péter Vityi, Vice-President

Leader of the IT Division of IVSZ, he is also a corporate innovation and IT export specialist. Former CEO of Microsoft Hungary, currently, sales and marketing manager at Transround, an application localization startup.

Roland Jakab

Roland Jakab, Vice-President responsible for Digital Transformation

Member of the IVSZ Board, his main duties include the representation of issues related to digitalization and digital transformation. Full-time, he is the managing director of Ericsson Hungary.

Zsófia Bánhegyi

Zsófia Bánhegyi, Head of Multinational Department

Member of the Board, her duty is to represent the interest of multinational members within the association. Further, she targets to emphasize the role of the women in the information and communication technology industry. Currently, she is the Group Communication Director of Magyar Telekom.

Zsolt Ambrus

Zsolt Ambrus, Head of Enterprise Department

Member of the Board, his role is to represent the large company members of the association. Formerly, he was IVSZ’s Secretary General, currently he is the Executive Vice President of XAPT in the EMEA region.

Dr. Szabolcs Gábor Kőrösi

Dr. Szabolcs Gábor Kőrösi, Head of Telecommunication Department

Member of the Board, represents the interest of the telecommunication companies/sector within the association. Currently he is the managing director of Telenor Hungary responsible for regulations and governmental relations.

Gábor Vicze

Dr. Gábor Vicze, Head of SME Department

Member of the Board, he represents the interest of the SME members in the association. Currently, he is the Executive Director of Innomine Group.

Vilmos Both

Vilmos Both, Head of SME Department

Member of the Board, he is dedicated to represent the Micro and Startup members of the association. As the owner of Bottom Line, he has significant experience in research and consulting.

Zsolt Veres

Zsolt Veres, Member of Board

General member of the Board and leader of the GOP 3.3.4 Supervision Committee. He was formerly the CEO of IBM Hungary, currently the Regional Leader of the Governmental Sector at IBM CEE.

Dr. Balázs Vinnai

Dr. Balázs Vinnai, Member of Board

General Member of the Board, he especially emphasizes the business development and coding education within the association. Former founder of the IND Group, he has been the General Manager of Digital Channels Division at Misys since Mysis acquired IND.

Richárd Wenczel

Richárd Wenczel, Member of Board

General Member of the Board, he is responsible for the export topic within IVSZ, he is also represents the Association towards Digital Europe.

József Gacsal

József Gacsal, Member of Board

General Member of the Board, he is responsible for communicating the interests of the members who are concerned in electronic production. Further, in full- time he is the Head of Sales at Fujitsu Technology Solutions.